Your labour won’t go waste: MP CM Shivraj Chouhan tries to quell frayed tempers

Your labour won’t go waste: MP CM Shivraj Chouhan tries to quell frayed tempers

While violent agrarian disturbances entered its tenth day Pradesh Minister Madhya Shivraj Singh Chouhan began his indefinite fast at the Dusshera Maidan in Bhopal for peace restoration and profitable prices promised to farmers for their products.
“I know the abundant harvest production that caused prices to collapse in the state. I know their problems (farmers),” he said, addressing a meeting, including farmers here. “The state government stands firm with the farmers. We will buy agricultural products and provide cost-effective price for this,” he said.

Farmers, among other things, require satisfactory prices for their agricultural products. His turmoil turned violent when five people died in the police shooting, while another six were injured Tuesday in the Mandsaur district. “We have already bought a lot of onions minimum price of support (MSP) of Rs 8 per kg. Each onion farmers will be bought.

“Your job will not lose,” he promised. “We are going to buy different varieties of legumes from the MSP,” said the Minister. Chouhan said his government was in favor of farmers and recalled the ongoing efforts to make agriculture a profitable business in MP. He said that the irrigation system has multiplied and, because of the abundance of water, farmers are harvesting rich crops. The BJP leader also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for trying to make agriculture a profitable business.

Chouhan said the government had extended Rs 4.8 billion as the amount of relief to farmers when their soybean crop was destroyed last year. Similarly, Rs.4.4 billion was the amount of compensation for crop insurance last year.
Earlier, the head of government, wearing a kurta-pajamas and a Nehru jacket, with a wife Sadhana for his part, began his indefinite wave for ‘Pandal’ 11 hours erected at BHEL Dusshera Maidan after the former chief minister of Kailash Joshi has put a ‘Tilak on the forehead.

As he entered the CM place, his followers shouted “Kisan Samman Ka Hai, Shivraj Singh Chouhan Hai, Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Bharat Mata ki Jai.” The opposition Congress has called Chouhan fast as “nautanki” (theater or empty theater). “Chouhan should tell people if his fast was supposedly a” nautanki “or an act of regret for his misdeeds that put the fire in the state,” said KT Mishra, a spokesman for PTI State Today.

“In trying to send a message that it is ‘Gandhigiri’ (Gandhi’s protest mode), this is not the case. I was not sitting under the statue of Bapu or Garanne Mahatma statue before starting his” nautanki “.
“After all, against which he began his fast in Dussehra Maidan? It must be remembered that (king of the demons) Ravana is burned every year in Dussehra Maidan. His Nautankibaji will not work because it was a tragedy in the past against the government of The UPA-2, “he said.

Under fire from the agitation of farmers out of control, the Chief Minister announced last night a vessel for “restoring peace” in the state. He also said that the turmoil had become “chaotic” and asked farmers to come Dussehra Maidan and dialogue with him.

“I will not sit in my office at the Mantralaya (Secretariat) … (but sit in) Dussehra Maidan and do all the work from there,” he said, adding that those who incite violence would not be saved.

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