Why Hearthstone’s Frozen Throne expansion matters to Warcraft fans

Why Hearthstone’s Frozen Throne expansion matters to Warcraft fans

Hearthstone Blizzard excited many fans by announcing that their next expansion, Knights of the Ice Throne, will take players to Ice Citadel.

But if you are one of the many players in digital card games who do not have much knowledge about Warcraft, you may wonder what the problem is.

Ice Crown Citadel is the final raid (great dungeons that require many players to beat) in the online world massive online multiplayer role-playing Warcraft, World War II Wrath of the Lich King.

The Ice Throne, where King Lich control an undead army, is in full swing.

But Citadel Ice Crown is not just a memorable piece of MMO content. It represents the culmination of a story that began in the last game of the fantastic strategy of Blizzard Warcraft III. And for many it is a useful reminder of World of Warcraft when it was at the peak of its popularity.
To understand why people care about frozen throne, have to go back to Warcraft III. It’s hard to remember these days, with the success of World of Warcraft and home stone, but the franchise was once in the real-time strategy game.

Warcraft III was a big hit when it was released in 2002. It featured heroic units, an idea that custom map makers used to create the MOBA type.

Warcraft III, but also expanded the franchise tradition, with new characters like Illidan, the demon hunter and the human wizard Jaina Proudmore. He also introduced us to Arthas.

Arthas was a human prince and a paladin. Much of the plot in Warcraft III revolves around his initial quest to save his kingdom from a plague of undead, a quest that would eventually lead him to take the cursed sword Frostmourne and become a commander of the knight’s death by himself Army dead death

Its history continued in the unique expansion of Warcraft III The Frozen Throne 2003.

The Frozen Throne campaign focuses on finding Arthas in Northrend and joining the Lich King. The origins of the Lich King are a bit complicated.

Burning Legion, an intergalactic demon army that wants to destroy entire worlds, transformed the spirit of a dead orc shaman, Ner’zhul, into the King Lich. His job was to raise mortal armies and control with telepathy. Ner’zhul was sitting on the frozen ice making throne sitting on top of a peak in north-eastern peninsula Nothrend.

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