NASA picks 12 astronaut candidates from pool of 18,300; its largest ever

NASA picks 12 astronaut candidates from pool of 18,300; its largest ever

NASA has selected 12 candidates for this year’s class of candidates for astronauts at the Johnson Space Center, having received a record number of candidates in 2016-17.

The US space agency reports that it has selected 12 candidates from a group of more than 18 300 candidates. The number of cross-hoped space was the largest number of Americans to apply for the program, and nearly doubled the set of records in 1978.

The number of candidates for NASA in 2017 was also almost triple that from 2012.

“No wonder so many Americans from diverse backgrounds want to contribute personally to the flame of our trip to Mars,” said NASA administrator and former astronaut Charlie Bolden.

“Some men and women will become astronauts with exceptional talent selected from this group that will once again launch space from the American soil in a US-made spaceship.”

The class varies in candidates who have experience of some of the best colleges and universities in the world, an impressive experience and engineering military backgrounds, among others.

After completing the two-year program, candidates await flight and research missions. It will be reported in August this year at the Johnson Space Center in Houston to train in areas such as ship systems, space balancing, teamwork, Russian and others.

“… new astronaut candidates could be assigned to missions conducting research on the International Space Station, launching American soil on the spacecraft built by commercial companies and stealing deep space missions into the new space ship Orion and the NASA Space Launch System rocket, NASA released a press release.

“With more human spacecraft development in the US than at any point in history, future astronauts will once again embark on the Florida Space Coast in a US commercial spacecraft will conduct missions Of exploration that will take humans to space than ever before. ”

Intelligence leaders from the US House Commission sent a letter to the White House today, asking if there are recordings of the talks between FBI Director James Comey and President Donald Trump.

Committee chairman MP Mike Conaway Texas and prominent Democrat Adam Schiff of California asked Don McGahn, a lawyer in the White House if bands or the like now exist or have existed in the past, according to the Associated Press.

Trump, asked about the possibility that tapes at a press conference on Friday afternoon, would not rule out his earlier claim that his talks with Comey could have been saved.

“Well, I’ll tell you maybe in the very near future,” Trump said, according to the AP.

Individual discussions with Comey Trump has been the focal point of his testimony on Thursday before the intelligence of the US Senate Commission. He said Trump asked for his “loyalty” while he was director of the FBI and asked him to submit a study from the office of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Comey said he did not know if Trump had recorded his conversations, but it would be good to release them if they exist. “LORDY, I hope there are tapes,” said M. Comey during his testimony – a quote that quickly became a highlight of the audience.

Comey prepares detailed personal notes of his conversations with the president. He testified on Thursday that he did not think about the possibility that his conversations will be kept until Trump has tweeted about it after his shot, “James Comey is worth noting” cassettes “our conversations before he starts sneaking into the press!

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