Here’s what’s at stake when Trump finally meets Putin

Here’s what’s at stake when Trump finally meets Putin

HAMBURG – Trump’s president finally sits down with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, and although the logos in the shape of square knots that adorn this German port city say it’s the G-20, the Russian-American summit in breach is the Designation that the world Containing the breath.

Syria, Ukraine and the war on terrorism will undoubtedly emerge when the two presidents will have their first, 35-minute face-to-face discussion group for Friday afternoon in the context of anti-globalization protests.

However, these issues are against the card to the same dynamic of the meeting between the United States president faces an investigation that his campaign was tarnished with Russia and the Kremlin leader accused of supervising piracy effort and disinformation in Name of Trump.

Trump Thursday, once again, got rid of the idea that Russia is despised in its name during the 2016 elections, which seem to play the goals of a Kremlin leader. Any sign of Trump that Moscow and Washington can put aside the differences of the past and forge a new relationship is a victory of Putin.
The Kremlin also said that Putin would seek Trump to promise that the United States will present two components that the previous administration had appropriated at the end of December in retaliation for the alleged hacking attempt and disinformation Russia.

Trump administration has already indicated can return these compounds, the Obama administration says is used to collect information.

But Trump faces a two-party opposition at home not lifting sanctions against what many in Washington see as a rival doomed to weaken democratic institutions and reduce the global leadership of the United States.

“The return of these two facilities in Russia, the Kremlin refuses to address its campaign against the influence of the United States would encourage President Putin and invite a dangerous escalation of destabilizing actions of the Kremlin against the democracies in the world.”

Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) And Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), All members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee wrote in a letter to Trump Thursday.

The Senate recently voted 97-2 in favor of a change of Russian sanctions bill on sanctions in Iran that “require tight control of Congress on any decision to reverse or eliminate existing policies in Russia, including the return of These two villas and impose new sanctions to deter Russian aggression against the United States and its allies. ”

Trump gave mixed signals on the eve of the summit, urging Russia “to end its destabilization activities in Ukraine and elsewhere, and its support for hostile regimes, including Syria and Iran,” in a speech in Poland.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a conference on Friday that Putin had been informed of the comments that the Russian leader “takes this into account.”

“We will wait for the results of the meeting,” Peskov said. “Do not invade.”

Along with this note of confrontation Thursday Trump also repeated a position shared by Putin, saying that “no one knows” that cut in the United States elections and questioning the assertion of the United States intelligence agencies because of the participation of Russia that Were wrong in the fact that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction prior to the 2003 US invasion.

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