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India is in a secular uptrend, which should continue in the long run as fundamentals and Indian macros continue to improve,

Nitasha Shankar, Senior Vice President – Research in Securities (India) Ltd., said in an exclusive interview with Kshitij Anand of Moneycontrol.

Q) What are your views on the market that have already been delivered around 20% return so far in 2017?

How should the second half of the year be broadcast? How do you see a Virat type Kohli rides master-Blaster likely to be repeated in H2?

A) We believe that India is a secular tendency to drought. This upward trend is expected to continue in the long run, as India fundamentals and macros continue to improve.

The main indicators published in recent weeks have been positive to, macroeconomic improvement progressively neutral strengthening in progress.

We should also see an improvement in the fundamentals of the business. This, in turn, could further support the upward trend. At present, the only risk to markets may be the result of global geopolitical events.

These could lead to knee reactions, but given the attractiveness of Indian markets globally, I see a relatively rapid recovery.

The company is the only operator in the city gas distribution space in Mumbai and the surrounding areas.

As such growth will be driven by MGL:
(I) the anticipated growth in the number of vehicles operated by CNG given the current profitability of CNG as fuel,

(Ii) the potential growth in the number of households in the areas of operation and

(Iii) at the start of gas supply to the consumer in the Raigad district.

The economic benefits of natural gas versus alternative fuels to stimulate demand growth. The company has solid finances and is rich in cash.
Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd (MSSL) is the flagship company of the Samvardhan Motherson Group (SMG).

This is a joint venture between Sumitomo Wiring Systems Japan and SMG and is a total solutions provider for the automotive industry for interior and exterior modules, rear-view vision systems and wiring harness and to other industries.

It operates through four main product divisions: harness, polymers, mirrors and elastomers.

MSSL operates in 25 countries with more than 145 manufacturing facilities, with the support of technical centers around the world.

With its subsidiaries, it is one of the largest manufacturers of mirrors, modules and IP bumpers in Europe.

With a share of market share ~ 65% in the segment of passenger cars, MSSL is the largest manufacturer of automotive wiring harness in India.

It is also the largest manufacturer and supplier of mirrors and plastic components in the country.

In the future, we hope MSSL continues to see growth generated by the increase in content per vehicle due to “Premiumisation” in the automotive industry and car manufacturers offering more features car, replacing metal parts pieces Of plastic (polymer) to reduce the weight of the vehicle, etc.

In addition to this, car manufacturers, especially the high end manufacturers are trying to increase their presence in the lower segments. Consequently, the new models are planned and in progress.

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